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  Andy Hinkler - photo by Rock of the North
Andrew Hinkler (Photo - Rock of the North)

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1963 ish The Democrats, R'n'B / Rock'n'Roll - (Vocals)
63 To 65ish Became - The Quilliers, R'n'B / Rock'n'Roll / Pop - (Vocals)
Later 60s (briefly) Ginger Freud Steam Band, Soul / R'n'B - (Alto Sax)
Late 60s (briefly) Blue Circus Soul Band, - (Alto Sax)
1970s A bit of acoustic guitar & vocal stuff, nothing much.
1980s Did a few 'dep' guitar gigs. Discovered the 'joys' of home recording.
1990s C.J. Moore Band, with some of the old members of The Quilliers. Did a few nostalgia gigs - (Gtr /Vocals)
  'R Blues Band, Decided I wanted to be a blues guitarist and started this band. - Me (gtr/vocal) - Bob Hall (gtr) - John Tarr (dms) - Jim Armitage (bass) - Eddie Lomas (harp/vocal) - Later, Ian Bartram (gtr)
1999 - Now DO$CH,
2003 - Now BBH - Writing / Recording Project with James Bacon and Ian


Vocalists Lots but - Stevie Marriot, Johnny Winter, Chris Farlow, Howlin' Wolf, Phil Harris,
Front Men Jagger, Alex Harvey, Alice Cooper, Screamin' Lord Sutch.
Rock'n'Roll Lyricist Chuck Berry
Bands Lots but - Small Faces, Stones, Stooges, Wilko, Blockheads, Mott the Hoople, Dr. Feelgood, The Pirates, Bee Bop Deluxe
Blues Men The Wolf, Sonny Boy (Rice Miller) Williamson II
Hero Mr Doschtray (see his page)
Other favourites Ivor Cutler
I'll add some more if my memory starts working.
The Quilliers at the Locarno Ballroom, Sheffield. 1963. L-R Bob Ward, Rog Burbeary, Andrew Hinkler, Brian Barker & Chris Moore
L-R Bob Ward, Rog Burbeary, Andrew Hinkler, Brian Barker, Chris Moore
"R" Blues Band
L-R John Tarr, Bob Hall, Andrew Hinkler, Mat (Eddie) Lomas & Jim Armitage.
The C.J. Moore Band
Chris Moore, Bob Ward, Andrew Hinkler & Rog Burbeary