Ian and Andrew's side-project along with James Bacon
Andrew and Ian have worked with recordist/producer James Bacon on all Do$ch recordings to date.  Each record has been a full-on team effort with the Do$ch boys totally involved in the production process.  James comes from quite a different musical background, having cut his studio teeth with 1990s electronica, most notably as a member of Mindfeel.  With a collective respect for both traditional songwriting techniques and imaginative programming (just as organic in its own way, argues James) and having spent so much time in the studio together, the three almost accidentally found themselves writing and recording these tracks in a spirit of free experimentation.
Musical philosophy:
Can modern programming and synthesised grooves, earthy valve-shattering guitar and raw vocals all peacefully inhabit the same song?  These chaps think so, but of course each listener must decide for themselves whether they are hearing a deranged and bizarre amalgam of analogue and digital techniques, or whether they are in fact experiencing a novel and motivating audio journey.
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The first track "Restless" was originally intended to be an instrumental by Ian and James.  Having laid down the grooves and rhythm guitar, the idea was shown to Andrew for comments and feedback.  Andrew's feedback was delivered in ten minutes flat, in the form of a frighteningly wild lead vocal.  Lyrics and melody were improvised on the hoof.  Not what anyone expected, but what all musicians hope for: a lightning strike.  Ian commented in turn with a razor-sharp Telecaster lead, and Restless was born.
Following up Restless was totally intimidating.  As this is a side-project for all three, a period of non-writing (about a year) elapsed.  You just can't hurry these things...
Track 2: James had spent a holiday weekend in a Landmark Trust property: an 18th century bath-house with a high, domed ceiling.  Being intrigued in advance by the acoustics and general ambience, he packed an acoustic guitar, a digital 8-track and a mic before embarking on his hols.  According to James, this venue was just about the weirdest and most atmospheric place he ever spent time in.  With a de tuned acoustic, an improvisation was recorded just 20 minutes prior to leaving for home.  Upon returning to Sheffield, a looped section of this mono recording became the centerpiece of the track "Bath-house".  The ambience evoked a smouldering and loaded vocal from Andrew, and some inspired slide and rhythm guitar from Mr Bartram.  Ian recorded his parts at truly INCREDIBLE volume, in order to get THAT tone.
The third track "Broken Home" shares elements of approach with the previous tracks, but possibly has the most traditional feel in spite of the high-tech production.   Ian's marvelously gritty playing once again punctuates Andrew's genuinely tragi-comic vocalisation, these in turn revolving around one of Mr Bacon's obstinately simple acoustic loops.
With an average output of one track per year (yes - really!) and thus far a total inability to agree on a band name, these three fellows are not set to go on a world tour, nor are they likely to sign to a major label. This however is precisely what is so special about this odd little project. There is no pressure to deliver, but when there's stormy weather, lightning may just strike.  Watch this space, occasionally....
To download the BBH tracks or for more information about the project contact James Bacon