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Bands we like
Dosch - link to Wilko
We Love Wilko ......
Dosch - link to Dr Feelgood
....... And these
Dosch - link to John Otway
John Otway - 2 hit wonder
Dosch - link to Official Eddie & the Hot Rods site
As it says
Dosch - Diamond Dogs link
Swedish Rock'n'Roll Band
Dosch - link to The Pretty Things
A Proper band

THE PIRATES - enough said.

SAHB Official site
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Friends of Dosch
Dosch - link to Simon Hinkler
Find out about Andy's brother
New album - Lose The Faith
Dosch - link to Chicken Legs Weaver
Cutting Edge Nu-Blues
Dosch - link to The Chicago Thieves
Chicago Thieves - You MUST see this band
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Dosch like the Harry Coffey Band
Another top quality local blues / rock outfit, The Harry Coffey Band
Dosch - link to Stevie Klasson
Swedish guitarist, friend of Ian
Dosch - link to Sour-Mash
Local rock covers band

Rock covers band with Angie Dodds on bass. Another good band from the Dodds family.
Do$ch link to Convulsions -  British rhythm & blues band
Authentic Punk Blues/British R'n'B band from USA
Dosch - link to Xi - Leeds rock band
Leeds - Rock band
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Dosch - link to Crossroads
Crossroads - Mike Steiner's Blues Band from Austria
Dosch - Link toBlitz, some more friends from Shefield.
Blitz - Some more friends of Dosch
Dosch - link to Rodger
Quality Rock covers band
The Koenig - Smiling Inside - THE KOENIG
James Bacon and Shaun Doane
Dosch- link to Fade to Black
Great local blues band
Dosch - link to The CurraghSons
The CurraghSons - Sean Wood's traditional Irish band
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Junior Parker and the Houserockers. Quality 6 Piece soul band.
Dosch friends -The Steve French band
Another superb blues rock guitarist from Sheffield
Do$ch link to charlie don't surf
Some more friends from Sheffield
Dosch - link to the Reams
The Reams - from Leeds. Varied set of covers from the 60s to now + some originals.
Dosch - link to Drrink boozy blues band
A bunch of Rock'n'Roll madmen from Kent
Dosch link to The Call - Stylish rock/pop covers featuring "Redders" on vocals.
The Call - Stylish rock/pop covers featuring "Redders" on vocals.

The Unforgiven

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Resurgence. Rock Pop covers old and new.

Twin Lizzy - Sheffield tribute to ---- No prizes for guessing!

The Amelia Carter Band

Redmile -Our friend Kevo's band from Notts Jimmy the Thief - Kevo's other band
Little Giants - Kevo's "other" other band Space for when Kevo gets another band
Paul Gilbert - Another fine musician friend from Sheffield. Paul played harmonica on a couple of tracks on our album "Route of All Evil" Bassace Studios - Bass guitar lessons, sessions and dep work by Darren Philip Dodds.
Kate Cassidy ........ Scottish RnB Rock Rock and Roll Gypsy .......Sheffield
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The Biker Guide.-- All things Bike.  
Tons of new and used band gear. Friendly and knowledgeable service - heaven.
Diane's Giglist - bands playing around our area.
Diane's Giglist
Dosch - Do$ch link to Blues in Britain
Dosch - link to Nottingham Bands
News, Reviews etc.
Good quality website serving Notts. - Leics. area
Dosch - Do$ch link to Musician's Union
Dosch - Do$ch link to The Music Pages
As it says
Resources for musicians and music fans
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Dosch - link to Giginabox
Dosch - link to Yorkshire Bikers
Dave Carrick's enterprise
Dosch - Do$ch link to Biker Dating
Dosch - Do$ch link to R&B Music Primer
Free motorcycle classifieds & personal ads website.
Get your band listed here
Dosch - Do$ch link to Scandinavian Bluespage
Dosch - Do$ch link to Bluescruisers
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Dosch - Do$ch link to Bluesrockers
Dosch - Do$ch link to Blues matters Mag
Blues Matters Magazine
Dosch - Do$ch link to Musicians in your city
Dosch - Do$ch link to
As it says
Music News, Bands, Venues etc.

If you're ever in France, check this out for gig news
Dosch - link to Blues Music NL
...Probably all you need really - takes you everywhere everything you need to know about digital tv aerials, TV reception, and the digital switchover.  
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1st In Harmonicas - online dealers in fine harmonicas.
Attic - Sheffield rehearsal space, recording studio
Bands and Artists in Tatet
Bassace Studios - Bass guitar lessons, sessions and dep work by Darren Philip Dodds.
Bands On The Web - List of band websites
Band Family Tree
Barnsley Entertainments - Lynne's site. About what it says
BrianX Magazine - Free Online Lifestyle Magazine
Bindman's Blues Forum
Bluezone - Internet theater for the blues
Cooper Customs - Phil Cooper's bespoke hand engraved customised metal guitar plates -
Ents24 - What's on in your area
Exposed Magazine - Sheffields ultimate entertainment and listings guide
Feenstra - quality Blues/Rock/RnB site
We are listed in Gig-Guide.Co.UK Gigs, Bands and Music Venues at Gig-Guide.Co.UK
Download Drum Loops And Drum Samples @ Jim Acoustic drum loops and drum samples with free high quality wav file previews.
Linkcentre Directory and Search Engine
Motorcycle Junction - U.K. Bikers Social Networking Community - Since 1998, The Internet's most complete Blues and Indie music resource.
Magik Posters-Your #1 Poster Site - Posters articles and resources.
OK Comics - Richard's other comic book shop.
United-Kingdom at - a world directory
Party Sounds - Musician's adds, band database, etc
Piano Recording - - where you can achieve high quality results at an affordable price.
Quicksilver Comics-Richard Makinson's Rock 'n' Roll Comics site - Dealer in old, rare and vintage comic books.
Rocking the Blues - News, Reviews, Musicians ads, Venues
Sandman Magazine - Free monthly music magazine
Sheffield on the Internet - Information Source for Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the Peak District for business, tourists, visitors and expats.
Sheffield Hub - Bands - Events - Venues
Sheffield Forum
South Yorkshire Net - Your Local Portal
Takedown Media - Affordable Media Solutions for Everyone everything you need to know about digital tv aerials, TV reception, and the digital switchover.
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