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Darren dodds


Darren Philip Dodds began his bass playing shenanigans at the age of 15. Inspired by the music of Def Leppard and early Metallica bass hero Cliff Burton. He bought his first bass a Sunn Mustang Fender Precision copy, and joined local Metal act Aftermath. After several shows the gigging bug was caught, and the musical path was to be followed.

    Upon leaving school, Darren went on to study at Sheffield Univeristy graduating with a Honours Degree in Music. It was here where he studied hard in developing his bass playing style,under the tutelage of bass playing genius Fred.T.Baker and Classical Guitar Virtuoso Peter Wilchinsky. Heavily influenced by Jazz fusion maestro Jaco Pastorius, and Rock Bass shred master Billy Sheehan, Darren ventured out into the crazy and unpredictable world that is professional music.

     Playing over 1500 gigs in various musical styles and situations all over the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East. Darren has a wealth of playing, recording, and stage experience, in which he hopes to share with the Dosch audience.


     1992-93 Aftermath (Thrash Metal)
     1993-94 Bitter Harvest (pop/rock covers)
     1995-97 Carolyn James Quintet (Jazz easy listening)
     1997-99 Classic Blue (Jazz, Blues Instrumentals)
     1999-2002 Touch n Go (Soul,pop covers)
     1999-2002 Detroit Soul (classic Soul)
     1999-2002 Swing Kings  (Swing, Easy listening)
     2002-04  Session work ( Various artists)
     2004-06  Dosch        ( RnB)
     2006-07  Gypsy        (Rock covers)
     2007-10  Rock Legacy  (Classic Rock covers)
     2010- onwards  Red Jester (Original Rock)
     2011- onwards  Dosch   (RnB)


  Customised 4 string Fender American Deluxe bass.
  Ampeg svt 4pro series amp
  Trace Elliot AH Gp12 series amp
  Ampeg 8x10, 6x10, 4x10, 1x15,classic series speaker cabs


Mar n Par Dodds, The Wife, Mr Doschtray, Jaco Pastorius, Billy Sheehan, Def Leppard, Mr Big, Weather Report, Level 42.